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Zone maintenance manager

Master | Temps plein | CDI
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Based on new organization of Melt Shop the Zone Maintenance Manager function was created to manage the technical team.

Main role :

  • Provides permanent support to the maintenance teams in the implementation of this Transformation (in their different roles, in the performance of activities, in the management of indicators, in the operation of meetings, etc). Devotes all the time necessary to it until the autonomy of the teams.
  • Is the guarantor of the proper functioning of the organizational method in daily meetings.
  • Works in the right state of mind and the ability to work together and with the other departments of its staff.
  • Maintains a good relationship with the differents services, customers and suppliers.
  • Establishes with the Melt Shop Maintenance Manager the skills grids of new maintenance functions.
  • Built the development plan for each function in line with its current positioning and expectations related to the new functions. Defines and implements the recovery plan for all functions in the event of absences (leave, training, illness, recruitment, anticipation of retirement).
  • Monitors costs against budgets and reacts.
  • Is responsible for the indicators:
    – Key Performance Indicators
    – Key Activity Indicators
  • Is responsible for the results of these indicators and the resulting managerial actions.
  • Is responsible for the quality of the execution of maintenance work.
  • Ensures the analysis of all random shutdowns and breakdowns of equipment within its scope and the implementation of the resulting actions.
  • Participates in the construction of the sustainability plan and ensures its implementation.

Compétences requises

Master level

Background between 3 to 5 years in industrial maintenance, and maintenance management 

Excellent organizational, leadership skills.

Effective communication and people management skills.

Experience in planning maintenance operations and in CMMS.

Strong knowledge in industrial machines and equipments, if knowledge in Steel plants is an advantage.

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